Meyppayat : my journey


Didier Giet

I initiated in 1996 to Shiatsu with André Shiatsu Nahum
practice of Kung Fu for 2 years with Andreas Beskow after his return from China before he set out again in the far north
I start Kalarippayat in 2000 with Cecile Gordon
Qi-qong 2000-2002 with Frederick in "Les Temps du Corps" Paris 10ème
2002-2003 Learning Kalari massage with Cecile Gordon
2001-2003 1st year Shiatsu School of Paris Iokai
Reflexology training in 2009, School RKP Paris 20

November 2009, I moved to self-contractor to perform
reflexology, Kalari massage and - with the agreement of my master Cecile Gordon -
animate an introductory Kalarippayat course in the area Victor Prudhomme Souppes-sur-Loing

September 2010, I resume my training Shiatsu with Michelle Benoit-Dur
July 2011, I admitted to the third year and can provide relaxation of Shiatsu
September 27, 2011, training in Native American spiritual reflexology by Marc Ivo Böhning
December 2011, training in reflexology Indian plexus (or chakras) by a doctor who lived 10 years in Pondicherry
March-April 2012, training in Swedish massage with "Apprendre autrement"
2012, training in massage for pregnant women according to Ayurveda (Azenday, Aurélie Cros)
2012 Internship "Shiatsu and maternity" with Cecilia Jouis