Meyppayat : * Swedish massage


* Swedish massage combines firmness and softness, as required.
It runs on both the muscle attachments, as the tendons and muscles.
Provide a greater muscle relaxation and thus promote increased range of motion he intended to.
This technique utilizes the effleurage, kneading, friction, vibration and percussion to targeted locations.

This massage:
- Causes increased blood flow to the muscle tissue
- Dissolves muscle tension
- Allows you to find the muscle and tendon elasticity

While relaxing, it stimulates and strengthens the body.

Course of the meeting:
Practiced on the table, next to the skin, with oil, a sheet covering the non-working parts.

Benefits office or at home** or at your hotel**
discovery 0:30 : 30 €
massage 1:00 : 60 €
long massage 1:30 : 90 €
Cons-indications: phlebitis, early pregnancy, fever, skin rashes, wounds, infections, heart disease, hypertension
Loyalty card valid for 1 year: 10 massages received
10% discount of the total amount credited to the next massage
Travel Expenses **
- 0 to 8km : free
- 8 to 18km : 6 Euro
- 18 to 30km : 13 Euro
Beyond 30km, thank you for contacting me.

* This massage well-being also said relaxation massage is not therapeutic
and can not replace any medical treatment necessary for your health.