Meyppayat : Shiatsu

cognassier du Japon

* Shiatsu is a holistic discipline and natural energy.

Based on the energy channels called meridians, the Japanese practice primarily uses pressure on these channels and acupuncture points on their journeys, with the fingers (SHIATSU: SHI = finger ATSU = pressure) but also with palms, elbows, knees and feet. Stretching are also performed.
Shiatsu is primarily a technical prevention and health maintenance.
It allows you to maintain / improve the balance of energy flow and thus:
- Reduces stress and tension
- Stimulates and strengthen the system of self-defense of the body
- Balance the energy system as a whole
- Provides a physical and mental relaxation thereby improving the well-being
- Promotes the elimination of toxins
- Increases the body immunity

Shiatsu can be a valuable aid for pregnant women
Pregnancy sometimes causes problems (digestion, circulation, elimination, sleep ...) which diminish or disappear due to Shiatsu.

You can also, under the supervision of a midwife, stimulate labor of childbirth, if slow to do.

Course of the meeting:
Practiced on the ground, or futon on a tatami and lasts 1:15. The receiver is dressed in comfortable clothing, light, preferably cotton.

Benefits office or home **

Traditional Shiatsu

1:15 : 60 €
Cons-indications: phlebitis
Precautions: menstruation, pregnancy, fever, heart disease, recent surgery, anti-coagulants
Loyalty card valid for 1 year: 10 received shiatsu => 1 shiatsu Free
Gift Certificates
Travel expenses **
- 0 to 8km : free
- 8 to 18km : 6 Euro
- 18 to 30km : 13 Euro
Beyond 30km, thank you for contacting me.

* This discipline can not replace any medical care necessary for your health.