Meyppayat : massage ayurvédique Kalari


Massage traditionally associated with the practice of Kalarippayat martial art in the province of Kerala (South West India) and in the preparation of Kathakali dancers.

The massage is performed on the ground, organic sesame oil, with the hands. It works deep without damaging the body, subtle balance between sensitivity and dynamism.

It is a valuable aid to maintain flexibility and an effective way to:
- Relax muscles, ligaments and tendons
- Help the circulation of blood and lymph
- Ease tensions

While providing deep relaxation, this is an energizing massage.

Benefits office or at home*
whole body 1h00 : 60 €
whole body and face 1h15 : 75 €
whole body and head 1h15 : 75 €
whole body + head and face 1h30 : 90 €
kidney glutes back- 30 mn : 30 €
buttocks, abdomen, waist legs 30 mn : 30 €
legs sitting 30 mn : 30 €
Cons-indications: phlebitis, rules, early pregnancy, fever, colds, rashes, wounds, infections, heart disease, hypertension
Loyalty card valid for 1 year: 10 massages received
10% discount of the total amount credited to the next massage
Gift Certificates
* Minimum temperature of the room: 24 ° C, ground surface available: 5m2
- 0 to 8km : Free
- 8 to 18km : 6 Euro
- 18 to 30km : 13 Euro
Beyond 30km, thank you for contacting me.

* This massage-wellness relaxation massage also says is not therapeutic
and can not replace any medical care necessary for your health.